Wednesday, October 20, 2010

6x6 Fall Album

While pet-setting for my neighbors, I was struck with the beauty of their property, particularly blooming plants and, of course, their cute cats & dogs.  So ever on the lookout for a photo op, I dug out the camera and snapped some quick pics, not entirely sure what I was going to do with them.

That weekend I was at Archiver’s in Cedar Park and picked up a couple of 6x6 albums in the clearance rack.  One of them had a cute fall leaf pattern on the front.  Aha, methinks, the perfect album for my neighbors’ photos!

The next day I received an email offer from Shutterfly for 75 free photos if I would just please try their photo processing service.  Aha, methink, cheaper than Walgreens even!  Shipping was super-quick, and a big plus for me:  I like the photo quality A LOT better than Walgreens.  I do believe Shutterfly will be getting my business from now on.

Had some rare work down time this week, so I plopped meself down to work on this album, and whaddayaknow, it’s all but finished in record time!  I need to figure out a pocket for the inside back cover to tuck away the photos I didn’t use, and I’m going to change the matt on the last photo so it will show up better, but overall, I’m done.  What a feeling!  One Christmas gift done and checked off my list.